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Students at George Mason University demand action on Justice Kavanaugh and Title IX policies

 Apr 04, 2019 

Local DVM

George Mason Students Demand School Rescend Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's Teaching Invitation

April 04, 2019

Students Respond To Kavanaugh’s Hire At Antonin Scalia Law School

April 01, 2019

Fourth Estate

‘Kick Kavanaugh off campus’: Students decry George Mason’s decision to hire Supreme Court justice

The Washington Post

Isaac Stanley-Becker

April 9th 2019

GMU Students Protest Brett Kavanaugh Teaching Position

Friday, Apr 5, 2019
NBC Washington

George Mason University faces push back from students after the hiring of Justice Brett Kavanaugh

Apr 04, 2019
Local DVM

GMU law school appoints Brett Kavanaugh as visiting professor

Mar 29, 2019
Fairfax Times

Who are Mason for Survivors? 

April 08, 2019

Fourth Estate


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Name: Elijah Nichols, Caitlin Slater, and Sean Keckley

Email: mason4survivors@gmail.com

Phone Number: (231) 329-2416, (703) 999-9464, and (832) 600-5034


Press Release Regarding the Hiring of Kavanaugh, the Neglect of Students

Fairfax, Virginia (March 27, 2019)-- After the announcement of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s hiring at the Antonin Scalia Law School, over 60 students gathered to voice their concerns. From this, the Mason for Survivors group was formed and a thorough list of demands was created (attached) to address the long history of neglect for sexual assault survivors on campus.

The core demands are: the termination and voidance of all contracts and affiliation with Kavanaugh at George Mason University; the hosting of a Town Hall with a public comment section to discuss Kavanaugh’s hiring and implications for the Mason community; Title IX policy reform; Ensure the Board of Visitors and Faculty Senate pass and implement a Gift Acceptance Policy to prevent outside donor influence; Better resources for students; and, police reform.

Elijah Nichols, a freshman at George Mason University and an organizer with Mason for Survivors, states that “as a survivor, and understanding the rate at which sexual assault happens on campus, it makes no sense to why they would hire a credibly accused predator like Justice Kavanaugh.” Gabriella Hutchinson, a junior at George Mason University and an organizer with Mason for Survivors, adds that “While some feel that Kavanaugh was not guilty, the fact of the matter is that we believe survivors first. Survivors on our campus, and off, feel threatened, betrayed, and unheard.”

Student leaders with Mason for Survivors are hosting a teach-in on Thursday, March 28th to voice their concerns. Mason for Survivors ask that we have complete solidarity in this movement to ensure that George Mason University is a welcoming school for all students-- especially survivors.

Petition/Demands: https://www.change.org/p/tell-president-cabrera-support-mason-4-survivors-cancelkavanaughgmu

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mason4Survivors

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mason4survivors/

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